On 5 August 2020, GladAfrica and the PSL launched the trophy that would be handed over to the 2019/20 champions of the GladAfrica Championship.

PSL Chairman Dr. Irvin Khoza said: "This partnership between the PSL and GladAfrica is an exciting relationship because it celebrates the African story of excellence". He thanked GladAfrica for being part of the football family. He went on to say that they are strong in engineering services and you could see that this new trophy was as a result of attention to detail. It is something to be proud of. This current season in the GladAfrica Championship has been very exciting and unpredictable and this had always been the strength of our League."

GladAfrica Group Executive Chairman Mr Noel Mashaba said the unveiling of the trophy marked a major milestone in the partnership with the PSL.
Mr Mashaba said, "since entering into this partnership with the PSL, we have spent a significant amount of time trying to figure out what symbol would best represent our commitment to this beautiful sport that is so much loved the world over. We wanted a product that embodies the values and traditions of GladAfrica as a business while embracing the spirit of football and the people of this continent for whom football means everything. From the initial draft design, we moved from one amendment to another until such time that we were satisfied with what we saw with our eyes. It was an involved and often taxing process".

The new GladAfrica Championship trophy was forged by 10 artisans who spent over 150 hours, using a combination of traditional skills and leading design technology to come up with the crowning glory of the league's pursuit of excellence. The trophy symbolizes GladAfrica's commitment to the development of communities by availing opportunities to the less fortunate and providing a platform for them to discover their full potential.

Mr Mashaba continued by saying, "to say we're proud of how far we've come would be an understatement. We trust this symbol of our commitment to the development of sport in our country, coupled with the increase in prize money, would serve as motivation for the teams and players alike participating in the GladAfrica Championship to give their utmost best".

The trophy will be handed over to the 2019/20 GladAfrica Championship winners on 30 August 2020.