Kiki : Molo Lunga tell us who is Lunga Tukute? 

Lunga : I am a Mthatha resident born and bred here. I played for a couple of teams like Happy Brothers, Tembu Royals, Mthatha Liverpool, Blackburn Rovers (NFD). Most of my success was in the ABC Motsepe League.

Kiki : Please shed some light about how the promotion of your club has benefitted the local people?

Lunga : Mthatha is a former Transkei region which was starved of football until we got promotion. It has increased the revenue of local business people for example when there are teams from outside the province coming to play us we use the local taxi operators to transport these teams, we also have hawkers outside the stadium who sell food.

Kiki : As a former alumni yourself why don't we see more people with qualifications and expertise in football working for football clubs?

Lunga : Most clubs employ people who have played for the club previously. They take care of the former players, however I would advise them not to give up and continue applying.

Kiki : You have been one of the most clubs responsible for the most hiring and firing of coaches .What is the rationale behind that?

Lunga : We are an ambitious team who have plans that are contained in our mission and vision statues.Businesses people make decisions not based on sentiments however on moving the team forward. 

Kiki : Your thoughts on the season so far?

Lunga : We are doing well ‎except for the bad performance against Jomo Cosmos in Potchefstroom. Our aim is to make the playoffs this season.

Kiki : How is your website and social media platforms?

Lunga : We have the best website out all the NFD clubs our social media platforms are constantly updated. We have fans far as Joburg who use our website to stay abreast of what is happening in our camp.

Kiki : Lunga thank you bhuti.

Lunga : Thank you. Goodbye.